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Financial Planning - There are no two plans alike…every household functions uniquely; different family dynamics, different behavioral conditioning, different family values and different outlooks.

  • Goal-based Planning – is the process of prioritizing financial goals and determining the optimal plan to fund those goals. Financial planning is more than assets, investments and net worth. It’s about identifying concerns, expectations and fears – it’s about creating a plan that provides clarity for a lifetime.

  • Income/Expense Analysis – The most powerful financial planning tool is the Income/Expense Analysis. This is where the rubber meets the road. The money you save today and the money you spend over a lifetime is the single most important aspect of a successful financial plan. This is the one place in our financial lives where we have full control of the results.

  • Life Insurance Analysis – Will someone in my life be adversely affected (from a financial standpoint) by my untimely death? If the answer is “Yes”, we need to consider strategies to reduce or eliminate this undesirable legacy. Life insurance is the most commonly used tool for protecting us from this type of unexpected financial paradigm shift.

  • Long-term Care Analysis – “By allocating nothing for long-term care, you allocate everything.” Long-term care (LTC) refers to the help associated with chronic illness, disabilities, and other conditions needed daily for an extended period. We can simulate various LTC scenarios, including current regional LTC pricing, to provide a context for a potential expense not covered by Health Plans or Medicare.

  • Legacy Planning – A good steward is not only responsible to those placed in his care, but also to those who follow in their footsteps. How do we insure our children and grandchildren are shaped by life’s challenges that are at the root of our family’s success? Legacy planning is a financial strategy that combines traditional estate wealth transfer with family values and principles.

  • Advisor Coordination – It is important that all our professional advisors (CPA, Lawyer, Bookkeeper, etc.) and family members are on the same page and synchronized in their problem-solving approach. Without a conductor, who unifies the performers, sets the tempo, listens critically and shapes the sound of the ensemble?


Investment Implementation – Growing and preserving wealth is a vital part of every successful financial plan. Investments play a very important supporting role and should never be undermined by unnecessary risk.  

  • Portfolio Construction & Management

  • Ongoing Portfolio Due Diligence

Client Communication – Intentional and methodical communication is the secret sauce. Healthy communication is absolutely essential to any successful relationship.

  • Review Meetings

  • 24/7 Access

    • Client Account Portal Including Outside Account Aggregation Tool

    • Financial Planning Client Portal Including Interactive Tools

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